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Jason Day, Dustin Johnson JB Holmes, Sergio Garcia and other tour players used this brand new Taylor Made M1 Driver at the BMW Tournament in Chicago.

You can get the new TaylorMade M! Monster

Driver for under $500

The Taylor Made R15 stays on the Best Driver list every year.

One customer wrote:

Customers have given the R15 5 stars:

"This club is really all it's cracked up to be.

Hitting the ball very well right out of the box.

My only regret is not getting it sooner.

I used to hit the R11S, but I like this one

much better. Keep up the good work


Bubba Watson plays Ping. The Ping G30 Driver is getting a lot of attention: Amazon had 5 customer reviews on this driver and all 5 reviews were 5 stars (100%). For example, one customer, B.H. reported:

"Just a great, extremely consistent and solid performing club, what else would you expect from Ping? Club sets up square behind the ball, the crown turbulators were a little distracting at first but now I don't even notice them. A nice loud ping (no pun intended) at impact and a good strong flight. Not as adjustable as some others out there, you only have a few loft adjustments up or down, but that may be a good thing, keep it simple. The head is very stable at impact and contact anywhere on the face (so long as it's delivered squarely) will produce results better than you deserve. I also like that they've made the face slightly deeper as well. Regardless, there's no miracle driver out there that can fix a bad swing, believe me, I've looked. A hook swing with this driver (or any other driver for that matter) will always produce a hook and the same thing goes for a slice swing slicing. When a company tells you they've made a driver more forgiving they aren't referring to curing a hook or a slice. They are actually improving distance/flight on mishits when the clubhead is delivered squarely, but not hit in the center. That's exactly what this club does. Any manufacturer claiming otherwise is selling you a pipe dream. Give this club a try and see if it suits your eye and your swing, there's a good chance you won't be disappointed."

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